Return to Spring with Dao

Return to Spring with Dao

Dao-Seminar with Master Shangshi
11th to 12th august 2018, Belgium

Light, easy, fresh and full of vitality; at the same time stable and full of energy.
This is how we feel at the beginning of our lives, when we are young. With the practices of the Living Dao we open our true nature and return to our natural state of youth – light, easy, joyful and without feeling we are doing any hard work.
With the Dao Natural Movements we will playfully wake up the vitality in our bodies, making it feel flexible, light, and strong. We will learn special Daoist tones to harmonize our energy levels and get a clear and open mind. In order to find our inner balance, Master Shangshi will transmit some effective mantras to us that we can quickly learn and are an easy practice in daily life. He will help us to open our true nature, so we can experience a state of fulfillment, inner joy, and freedom.
Master Shangshi will transmit the power of his heart and give a healing session each day to all participants.

Master Shangshi is the founder of Living Dao. His main ability is to help others by using the vitality of Dao to overcome their problems and to gain good health, strength and inner balance. He has extensive knowledge of Buddhist traditions, Taoism and Christian mysticism, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Qigong, Kung Fu and the I Jing. He is a lineage holder of a Tibetan Dzogchen tradition and his main topic is `awakening in our true nature´ that he teaches independently of any religion. Master Shangshi gives seminars every year in Europe.

Language: Master Shangshi will teach in English. An interpreter Dutch-English-Chinese will be present to translate the questions of the participants in Chinese.

11th – 12th august 2018, 10 am – 6 pm (incl. break at noon)
Price: 260,00 €
Place: Abbey of Sint Andries, Zevenkerken 4, 8200 Sint-Andries Brugge (Belgium)
Info: 00 32 – 475 83 31 88