Living Dao

Living Dao

There is a pure existence in each and every one of us, ‘a true life’, which is deeply imbued with pure vitality and eternal light. This vitality carries us beyond all our suffering, problems, worries, fears, illnesses and beyond all darkness and allows us to enter into absolute freedom and deep inner peace.

As an awakened person, Master Shangshi lives in his ‘true life’. From this true life he can touch us on a deep level of our hearts. Through these heart transmissions the true life in us can wake up again as well. The focus of all Master Shangshi’s seminars is to wake up this true life in the participants.

Master Shangshi is the creator of Living Dao. Living Dao is the contemporary name for a Dzogchen lineage from Tibetan Buddhism, the Nyingma school, which goes back to the first living Dzogchen master Garab Dorje. Master Shangshi is the lineage holder of this ancient tradition. His master lives in the Tibetan part of Sichuan. After Master Shangshi’s enlightenment, he gave him the task of passing on this path of awakening without the costume of religion, naked and directly, to people like us in the West.

From this spirit of Dzogchen ‘Living Dao’ was born and brought to Germany by Master Shangshi in 2006. Through the three different gateways of body (Dao Natural Movements), language (mantras, tones) and heart (spirit, Anxi) Master Shangshi shares with us the ancient wisdom of his teachings, free of any religion, in a modern and simple way that is easy to implement in everyday life.

Master Shangshi shares a TCM method strengthening us against the Corona Virus

Inner firewall-Document and videos in other languages:
(The documents are regularly updated!!!)

TCM Inner Firewall against Corona virus:
How to use the method – English pdf

TCM Innere Firewall gegen das Corona Virus:
Methode anwenden-Deutsch pdf

MTC Cortafuegos Interno contro el Coronavirus:
Cómo utilizar el método – Español pdf
Video con subtítulos en español

MTC “Pare-feu” naturel contre le coronavirus:
Comment utiliser la méthode – Français pdf
Vidéo en français

MTC Schermo interiore contro il virus Corona:
Come applicare il metode – Italiano pdf
Video con i sottotituli italiani

MTC Firewall Interna contra o Coronavírus:
Como utilizar o método – Português pdf

TCM Interne firewall tegen het Coronavirus:
Gebruiksaanwijzing voor de methode – Nederlands pdf

Εσωτερικό τείχος προστασίας από τον ιό Covid 19:
Χρηση της μεθοδου – greek pdf

TCM Wewnętrzna ochrona przeciwko koronawirusowi:
Jak korzystać z metody – Polski pdf

ТКМ Внутренняя защита от коронавируса:
Как использовать метод – в формате PDF русский

详细信息请阅读中文 pdf

نحوه استفاده از روشPersian

We deeply say thank you to all the translators and people who help to make this possible.

We deeply say thank you to all the translators and people who help to make this possible.