4 Second Basic Level

4 Second Basic Level

Buddha had already taught this very special and simple method. But the Sutra (holy scripture of the Buddhists), which documents this, was lost for over 1600 years. Just when Master Shangshi had completed his life’s work, the 4 Second Enlightenment (see system), he found the long lost scripture again. In it he found the method described that had only flowed from his awakened heart shortly before. It is incredible that Buddha already taught this special method, which is completely different from all his other methods, because it is easy, playful and without classical meditation. It is a path without years of cultivation and suffering.

This teaching being so unique, Buddha taught it to his disciple Maitreya, the ‘Buddha of the future’. Maitreya was the only Buddha in the long tradition who attained full awakening without any form of meditation and was therefore often not taken seriously by the other Buddhas. Now that our world is in a state of total upheaval, this method that Buddha taught to the future Buddha at the time is reappearing.

Master Shangshi teaches this ancient teaching completely free from any religion. From the essence of the ancient teaching he has created a contemporary way that fits amazingly well into our modern life: 4 Second Enlightenment. We do not need hours of practice, retreat from this world, prior knowledge or long studies. Instead, we connect with no detours, directly and in the shortest time with the result of Buddha. Over and over again for 4 seconds and a few minutes until it changes our lives completely. We do not use the usual methods like meditation, visualization or positive thinking, but let a small idea touch us so deeply, overwhelm us, that it changes us completely. This is only possible because with this method we work on a different level of our being: on the spirit level, the unconcrete part of our being.

‘You will get the taste of your true nature and it will spread in your life like a beautiful fragrance,’ says Master Shangshi. ‘Like the sun in spring, it will melt your ice and snow. You no longer have to sweep snow in every corner, but you let the sun appear in your life. It will melt the snow to the last corner.’

Prior knowledge is not required to learn the method. Anyone can start immediately. There are no complicated steps and no years of practice. The method is very simple, playful and flexible. We only need a few minutes. We are supported by a large field, which helps us to get the true result quickly.

‘What I want to show you has been in your hearts for eternal times. All you need is a recall, an awakening of that memory. 4 Second Enlightenment is such a wake-up call.’

With the help of the 4 Second Enlightenment our life can return to its natural, original order. We can experience healing on all levels – on physical, psychological and heart level. Creativity, wisdom and infinite love can emerge. The questions of our life will be answered automatically. We will go beyond our problems. Solutions will appear that are beyond our imagination. We will enter into the true freedom of our being, into a life full of infinite possibilities.

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