David Libor

David Libor

David spent his childhood in Poland, where faith and spirituality were a natural part of his life. When he was 10 years old, his parents moved to Germany. There he searched in vain for answers to the questions he carried in his heart.

His path led from Yoga and Qigong to Master Shangshi, whom he met in 2006 when he was visiting Germany for the first time.

Master Shangshi was the first person who could answer all the questions David had inside and touched him deeply in his heart. In the summer of 2006, he travelled with Weihua and Andrea to China to see Master Shangshi again. Since then he has been learning from Master Shangshi the wisdom of Dzogchen, Buddhist mantras, healing tones, Daoist healing treatments, Dao Natural Movements, Taiji and much more. He has attended various advanced training courses in Chinese dietetics and herbal medicine and has been practicing Buddhist and Daoist mantras for many years.

David is a long-time student of Master Shangshi and lives in Hamburg. In 2014 he founded the publishing house ‘Dao-Verlag’ with Andrea Thiele. There he is responsible for the CDs, DVDs and audio recordings of the seminars. At ‘Living Dao’ he takes care of all technical matters. Together with Weihua and Andrea he leads the local groups in Hamburg. 


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