Basic Methods

Basic Methods

Dalibai (bows), Qidao (prayer), Anxi (resting in inner peace) are the basic methods of Living Dao. They show our devotion and our opening to the true reality, to the all-embracing Being. These three methods are an expression of our trust and strengthen it at the same time. For those who want to follow the path of Living Dao, the practices Dalibai, Qidao and Anxi belong to daily life, because only this way does the Dao get more space in our life.

The three methods act on the three levels of our being: on the mental, the verbal and the physical level. They let us enter into freedom on these three levels.

With the Dalibai (bows) we give our body and our whole being into the Dao. We exchange our normal life for a life in the Dao. 

With the Qidao (prayer) we show our orientation to the Dao verbally and open our heart to the Dao and its liveliness. 

With the Anxi (dwelling in inner peace) we show our devotion to the Dao on the spiritual level. We let our mind and heart enter completely into the liveliness of the Dao. The moment this happens, the ego completely pauses – and only then the Dao can start to take effect.

It is important to practice Dalibai, Qidao and Anxi together, in the right order and regularly. The combination of these three practices creates a force that permanently pushes us out of the ego – and into the Dao.

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