The Most important about prayer is trust 
and sincerity of the heart.

With prayer we show our devotion to the Dao on a verbal level. We open ourselves to the Dao, this all-encompassing reality, and entrust our worries and thoughts to it. With this we start the prayer. The Dao carries the prayer on and expresses itself in our words.

This means that through our speaking we replace the ego with the Dao. In this way the Dao enters deeply into our subconsciousness and changes it. This is the difference to other forms of prayer.

We don’t pray to a fantasy god, but to the existing reality of the Dao. If we were to accept this fact deep in our heart, we would immediately speak out everything that oppresses us, because we would know there is an immediate response to our concern.

How do you pray?

When you pray, you open your palms upwards. This gesture shows our openness and devotion to the Dao. We pray deeply from our hearts.

We begin with the mantra ‘Wan You Fei Zhen Wei You Ben Zhen’ (3-10 times). With this we connect with the Dzogchen lineage and block the power of the ego.

Then we begin our prayer with the words: “I open myself completely to the vitality of the Dao. Let the vitality of the Dao fill me completely. Let the vitality of the Dao destroy all blockages and patterns of my ego. “

This is how we open ourselves to the Dao.

Afterwards, we express our concern. You say what’s important to you. We let it come from within. We don’t think for too long. We don’t speak from emptiness or isolation, but from a connection and strength. We don’t beg or plead, but open ourselves in trust to the Dao. In that moment the Dao can take over and a beautiful prayer will emerge on its own.

We close the prayer with a sentence of gratitude, for example with “I thank the Dao”.

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