Resting in inner peace

Anxi is the original quality of Dao and at the same time the core of our true existence. Through our Anxi practice we open ourselves to this deep quality within us.

‚Anxi’ literally means: ‘An’- inwardly peaceful and stable; ‘Xi’ – to let go and give yourself up to have a rest. During this rest we are completely open, clear and awake, yet completely undisturbed and stable.

With our Anxi practice (staying in inner peace) we express our spiritual devotion to the Dao. Our mind and heart enter into the quality of the Dao. The more the quality of our Anxi practice becomes a part of everyday life, the sooner we can enter and awaken into the great, perfect Anxi of life.

Anxi practice

Sit upright on a chair or pillow and don’t recline. Relax deeply. Keep your eyes open; look into nothing or at the Dao-Mandala.

At the beginning say the mantra 3-10 times:

‘Wan You Fei Zhen Wei You Ben Zhen’.

We are silent and keep our eyes open the whole time. We do not drift away into a meditative state. We perceive everything clearly, inside and outside. We allow for an absolute pause, we do not get involved in anything.

We do not try to stop or control our thoughts; that is impossible. It just keeps us busy. We let our thoughts to be like letters written in water. They come and go by themselves and have nothing to do with us.

Do not confuse Anxi with silence or meditation. Anxi does not mean to become inwardly silent or to immerse oneself in meditative states. We do not use imagination and do not hypnotize ourselves. We do not artificially induce a state.  We relax on all levels, we are awake and clear. Then the vitality can take over and our mind becomes naturally clear and brilliant like a crystal. One becomes stable like a mountain and at the same time as light as a feather. You dive into the living river of the Dao and all the qualities of the Dao emerge. The mind experiences a natural self-liberation.

Anxi is the beginning,
the way and
the end at the same time.
Anxi is the essence of our being.

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