Dao Natural Movements

Dao Natural Movements

The DAO Natural Movements are the movement system of Living Dao, which Master Shangshi created from the essence of four great Asian movement arts: the two inner martial arts ZhaoBao Taiji and XinYi KungFu, the Daoist DaoYin and the Tibetan Tantrayana Yoga. All four disciplines follow a basic principle: the opening of the system and the re-establishment of the original, natural order. The same principle is at the heart of the DAO Natural Movements.

The first effect of the DAO Natural Movements is a revitalization of our entire body. Fasciae open up, ligaments, tendons and muscles become more elastic. This removes pressure and pain from the joints, improving their functioning. Bad posture corrects itself automatically. All processes in the body are stimulated, the blood, Qi and lymph flow is regulated. The self-healing process is activated and the organs function better. The performance of the brain and all senses increases. Exhaustion and stress dissolve. Blockades in all areas dissolve and the body returns to its healthy structure, in which movements happen playfully and easily.

This creates a feedback to our subconsciousness. If fixed structures in the body are freed, the psyche has no reason to maintain its blockades. It also begins to release fixed patterns and a lasting healing can begin.

Many sports and relaxation techniques focus either on building external strength and physical fitness or purely on relaxation. The DAO Natural Movements combine both, because they work not only with the body, but also with our heart, mind and spirit.

Therefore, a devotional practice of the DAO Natural Movements can give us experiences that go completely beyond our limits and bring us into contact with our true, boundless being. This is only possible because the DAO Natural Movements are not a pure movement theory. They are part of the teaching of LIVING DAO and are deeply imbued with the spirit of Dzogchen, an ancient wisdom teaching of Tibetan Buddhism. In Dzogchen, body, heart and mind are seen as three equal gates through which we can return to our true being.

Through the practice of the DAO Natural Movements we have the opportunity to experience the spiritual world, which is otherwise only internally experienced, concretely through our body. We can learn spiritual contents without having to take the path via our brain, because the unconcrete is experienced directly through our body. For this we do not need hours of training. We practice the DAO Natural Movements for a few minutes every day in a playful way and still get deep results. The DAO Natural Movements allow the easiest possible access to our true nature, to the all-encompassing truth of our true being, the Dao.

A list of DAO Natural Movement teachers in your area certified by Master Shangshi can be found here.

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