Seminars with Master Shangshi

Seminars with Master Shangshi

Over the past few years, Master Shangshi has already taught important topics such as ‘The Key to Awakening’, ‘6-Bardo-Teachings from the Terma Teachings of Padmasambhava’, ‘Beyond Life and Death with the Amitabha Mantra’, ‘The Heart is Your True Master’ and ‘The Essence of the Tibetan Book of the Dead’.

From now on, Master Shangshi will transmit the ‘4 Second Enlightenment’ method in all of his courses with the power of his awakened heart and with the power of his ancient Buddhist Dzogchen lineage. Beginners will receive Master Shangshi’s heart transmission for this method, which awakens our true being. Advanced students will receive an intensive deepening in this method and support from the strong group field.

In the courses Master Shangshi speaks Chinese and English, which is translated into German. In order to be able to follow the course you have to speak either a) German or b) Chinese and English. English only will not be enough.

Those who book all three courses of the year are invited to participate in a free teaching week with Master Shangshi – if you are interested, please indicate this when registering for the courses.

Those who recommend a course to someone else who eventually participates will receive a 20% discount on the respective course.

Seminars with Master Shangshi 2020

Due to the pandemic all seminars this year had to be canceled. As soon as the German Federal Government allows events with a higher number of people again, we will post the dates for the next upcoming seminars.

In the meantime, check out our online teaching and material available in the book store.

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