Dzogchen means ‘The Great Perfection’. In Buddhist tradition, the teachings of Dzogchen represent the highest level. In the past, they were only passed on to master-disciples and monks who had prepared themselves over decades for the final step to awakening.

Dzogchen has a history of over 2000 years. The first living master was called Garab Dorje. Master Padmasambhava brought Dzogchen from India to Tibet and founded Tibetan Buddhism there. He integrated Dzogchen into the Nyingma School. But in essence, Dzogchen was and is not bound to any religion, as it is about direct, naked reality.

This teaching has been kept secret for thousands of years and preserved like a treasure. But in today’s interconnected time, even the very last secrets are being revealed. Anyone who truly searches for reality in their heart can encounter and learn Dzogchen today.

In this teaching an awakened master is required to point out the naked truth to us (life touches life). The student is touched deeply in his heart by this encounter with the truth. He sees the pure truth, can return to it and ultimately awaken.

This path is not an exercise-oriented path, but a ‘short way’. Truth cannot be trained. You cannot reach it through meditation. Nor can it be found in any other place. Reality is here and now. One only has to open oneself completely, recognise it in one’s heart and choose it with full confidence. Then reality itself will lead us to liberation.

In his seminars, Master Shangshi shows us this true reality directly, through the power of his heart, so that we can experience it and live in it from then on.

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