4 Second Enlightenment System

4 Second Enlightenment System

Dzogchen is the mystical teaching of Buddha and the oldest tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. For a long time this ancient knowledge was only passed on secretly to selected students who had prepared themselves intensively and over decades. Master Shangshi is the lineage holder of this ancient tradition and the complete ancient knowledge was transmitted to him.

Because the time has come, he is opening this ancient secret teaching to people in the West and has created a system in which he teaches the ancient wisdom independent of religion through a contemporary method: 4 Second Enlightenment. Through this method we can easily, quickly and directly experience our true nature and find the way back to our original freedom.

4 Second Enlightenment is a three-level system that opens the possibility for even unprepared beginners to reach awakening. That is unique. Normally it takes a long inner, mental and physical preparation, a deep inner understanding of our being and extensive knowledge before one can enter the true path of Dzogchen.

For the basic level of Master Shangshi’s 4 Second Enlightenment we do not need all of this, because the system is designed in such a way that anyone, regardless of beliefs and previous knowledge, can enter. We do not need extensive study, but only a deep, inner touch of something much greater than ourselves, which is imbued with pure vitality and wisdom.

And we need a complete rethink, an absolutely new way of looking at life: we look at the world through Buddha’s eyes. This changes our view of ourselves, of all things and of the world. It changes our acting from the bottom up. This is what Buddhists call the view of the short path. Only when this view completely fills our heart and we live from it naturally, we have entered the first level of the 4 Second Enlightenment System – the seed of a new, true life has arrived in us and can unfold from now on. The true journey to awakening begins.

To be able to take this step in a quick, easy and playful manner, Master Shangshi created the basic method of 4 Second Enlightenment, which he presents in his new book (published in 2020) and online teaching (2nd half of 2020) for the first time to a broader public. The basic method of 4 Second Enlightenment has only one goal: it prepares and helps us to enter the first level of the system. This is the beginning of a new life, our rebirth.

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