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The living Dao – an introduction

In this small booklet Andrea Thiele summarizes the essence of the teaching of Master Shangshi. Master Shangshi talks about how to live in absolute freedom and how to enter into the infinite limitless state of being. His teaching is modern and independent of any religion, but has its roots in the thousand-year-old wisdom of Dzogchen. 1st edition: April 2015, DinA6, 68 pages.

ISBN 978-3-947666-03-4. order (8.56€).

Coming up 2020: DAO Natural Movements

In this book, Master Shangshi introduces his movement theory of the `DAO Natural Movements’. The Movements are the extract of four great movement teachings of Asia and have the potential to transform our bodies, our hearts and our minds from the ground up. The DAO Natural Movements revitalize our body, open the original inner structure and let the body heal permanently. This process has a deep feedback to the psyche, which also begins to solve its patterns. The DAO Natural Movements are much more than a pure theory of movement, they are permeated with the spirit of Dzogchen and can be a gateway to our true nature for us.
Master Shangshi is the founder of `Living Dao’. Living Dao is the contemporary name of a Dzogchen lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, the Nyingma School, which dates back to the first living Master Garab Dorje. Master Shangshi is a lineage holder of this ancient tradition. After his enlightenment, his teacher gave him the task of teaching the way to awakening without the costume of religion, naked and direct to people like us in the West. The DAO Natural Movements are part of his system that helps us to physically open ourselves to the Dao, the true nature. Andrea Thiele is a long-time student of Master Shangshi and writes down his teachings. She lives in Hamburg, works as a book author and publisher, she teaches Qigong and the DAO Natural Movements.
ISBN 978-3-947666-09-6, 37.45 € (plus shipping costs).  

The Mantra Namo Amitābhaya – Gate to eternal light

This booklet presents the old mantra Namo Amitābhaya. This mantra is a key to the eternal, pure light, which is the source and primordial ground of our being. It is the essence of most of our religions, mystical traditions and spiritual paths. In this booklet, Dzogchen master Shangshi explains the mantra and introduces a mantra ceremony through which we can enter into the eternal light and experience it concretely in our lives. The printed booklet and the ebook both include links to a video of Dalibai and audio samples of two mantras. 1st edition, January 2016, 55 pages, including sun mandala

ISBN 978-3-947666-05-8,  order (10,70€).

Mandala of Living Dao – Terma of Master Shangshi

The mandala of ‘Living Dao’ has an ancient symbolism and visually supports the practice of Living Dao. Master Shangshi discovered this mandala as a Terma (hidden treasure from ancient times). He advises to set up this mandala during Anxi practice.

The picture is printed in high resolution on glossy cardboard (300 g) and is covered with a protective foil (against moisture) on both sides.

The mandala is available in three different sizes:

large: DinA4 – 11,90 € + shipping
medium: DinA5 – 8,33 € + shipping
small: DinA6 – 5,95 € + shipping


Secrets of Chinese Medicine

These TCM cards show examples of how to optimally activate our self-healing powers. How to protect our body from disease, make it strong and resilient, how to cure chronic pain and much more.
For decades, Master Shangshi has collected the most effective methods from ancient family secrets and antique Daoist secret teachings.
Each TCM secret is explained and illustrated on a DinA3 card (front + back) so you can understand how and why it works and how to use it.

Learn with a simple method how to never catch a cold again.

TCM Secret: Averting the flu and colds – without using medicine.

DinA3, both sides printed and illustrated,
ISBN 978-3-947666-06-5

7.49 €.


How to we keep our eyes fit until old age.

TCM Secret: Preserving and improving the visual function of the eyes.

DinA3, printed on both sides and illustrated

ISBN 978-3-947666-07-2

7.49 €.



How to remedy chronic back pain ourselves by massaging a special point on our hands.

TCM secret: Sunbeam point.

DinA 3, printed on both sides and illustrated,

ISBN 978-3-947666-08-9.
7.49 €.


How to reduce high blood pressure, stabilise low blood pressure and strengthen the defences of the respiratory system. Master Shangshi shows a method through massaging a neck muscle.

TCM secret: Balance blood pressure safely and quickly.

DinA 3, both sides printed and illustrated,
ISBN 978-3-947666-30-0,

7.49 €.


Relieve toothache in 30 to 60 seconds with an acupressure massage on a TCM key of toothache.

TCM secret: Relieve toothache in one minute.

DinA 3, both sides printed and illustrated,
ISBN 978-3-947666-29-4,

7.49 €.


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