Dao Spirit Healing

Dao Spirit Healing

Part of the 4 Second Enlightenment is also a healing system: the Dao Spirit Healing. It includes different methods, such as healing with mantras, with sounds, with light fields and with Dao Magic. All these methods work on the level of our spirit and follow the Dzogchen principle of self-liberation.

The vigor of the pure light of vitality permeates all living things and keeps everything in natural motion. But almost all human beings are cut off from this power of liveliness, because they have set limits to the all-embracing Being – their personal limits. They live in the limited space of their ego structures.

Dao Spirit Healing reactivates the vitality in the person we are treating and at the same time in ourselves. The treatment restores the original basic order. It programs each cell back into the original state of aliveness, in which self-healing takes place automatically and by itself. In all methods we can directly experience the power of aliveness, of pure light.

The resulting healings show us very concretely how strong and tremendous the power of vitality is. Our trust in this vitality, in the Pure Light that works in and around us, grows automatically.

Dao Spirit Healing is not a Qi transmission (like Reiki), but we open our closed system again to the much greater source of all life and let its force work in us. In order to learn these methods, we need our own opening to this source of all being and an opening of our healing abilities. In his healing trainings Master Shangshi opens this ability in us through the power of his awakened heart. He also gives group healing treatments in each of his seminars.


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