Andrea Thiele

Andrea Thiele

Andrea studied literature and art history in Hamburg and Berlin and learned the craft of writing at Journalism College. For several years she worked as a full-time editor for a large publishing house in Hamburg.

A slipped disc led her to Qigong. Alongside her profession as a journalist, she started her first Qigong teacher training to optimally support her body in self-healing. Qigong not only made Andrea healthier, but also freer and more creative. She quit her full-time job and traveled around the world as a freelance reporter for several years.

She found her second home in Italy. From 2003 to 2007 she lived in Florence where she taught Qigong and worked as a freelance journalist.

But the question about the meaning of life did not let go of her and ultimately led her to Master Shangshi in 2006. On a home visit to Hamburg she met Master Shangshi, who was visiting Germany for the first time, at a friend’s house.

Andrea asked him a question that had been on her mind for a long time. Master Shangshi touched her deeply in her heart with his answer. For months the encounter stayed on her mind. Andrea felt that Master Shangshi carried the key that she had been searching for for years. The key to reality, to truth, the key to true life, the key to freedom.

In the summer of 2006, she asked her friend Weihua to take her along to China because she wished to meet Master Shangshi again. Ever since then Andrea has been learning Buddhist mantras, healing tones, Daoist healing, Dao Natural Movements, Taiji and the deep teachings of Dzogchen from Master Shangshi. As a disciple of Master Shangshi she began to write down his wisdom.

Together with David Libor she founded the publishing house ‘Dao-Verlag’ to make the ancient knowledge of Master Shangshi and his tradition of Dzogchen accessible to more people. Andrea lives in Hamburg and teaches Master Shangshi’s methods there, from Dao Natural Movements to mantras. She works as a book author and publisher.

At ‘Living Dao’ Andrea takes care of communication, books, brochures and all written material. She assists at Master Shangshi’s seminars, gives introductory seminars to the practices of Living Dao and leads the local groups in Hamburg together with Dr. Weihua Zhang and David Libor.

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