Natural Light Transformation

Natural Light Transformation

4 Second Enlightenment has two ways of unfolding:

  1. rest in stillness (Anxi)
  2. rest in movement (Natural Light Transformation – NLT)

Natural Light Transformation is a form of body movement in which the ‘pure light’ initiates gentle, natural movements that transform the body, mind and heart and return them to their natural order. In the Buddhist tradition the method is called ‘Karma Self Liberation’, because this method can change us from the bottom up. It follows the Dzogchen principle of self-liberation, even though Master Shangshi teaches this method completely free from any religion.

The 4 Seconds with Anxi (still) and the 4 Seconds with NLT (in motion) are like Yin and Yang – they complement each other and belong inseparably together. On both ways we connect with the highest, most all-embracing truth: the pure light of being. In NLT the pure light awakens our inner vitality and, by its guidance, lets us enter into an inner flow. The light carries us, moves us and heals us. It lets us naturally release and enter into an inner freedom. We take a break, though the light keeps on moving us. Carried by the light we move without any action on our part. The movements are imbued with a deep wisdom that comes unfiltered from our mind directly to our body. In only a few minutes, pain, discomfort and blockages can dissolve without any side effects. The ability of our body to heal itself is activated – immediately, easily and without effort.

These movements coming from the pure light, can give us a deep revelation, because they let us physically experience a deep principle of the Dao: the art of ‘WuWei’, the art of non-action. In NLT we experience on the one hand the connection with the light and on the other we learn how to naturally follow the movements of the light by opening the eyes of our heart and letting ourselves be touched. By letting go completely and entrusting ourselves to the light, it can take over completely. Our whole being is transformed. Our senses, our heart, our body are touched and completely changed by the connection with the pure light. This experience can give us a deep revelation about our life, our existence, and strengthen our trust in the Dao, in the all-encompassing Being.

‘What I want to show you has been there in your hearts for eternal times. All you need is a recall, an awakening of that memory,’ says Master Shangshi. Through a heart transmission he opens our connection to the pure light and initiates the process of Natural Light Transformation in us. We can experience healing on all levels – physical, psychological and on the heart level. Creativity, wisdom and infinite love can emerge. The questions of our life will be answered naturally. We will go beyond our problems, and solutions that we can’t even imagine can present themselves. We will find the way back to our true nature.

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