All the practices of Living Dao are not methods to induce meditative states, but tools to open ourselves to the true reality of our being and experience the all-encompassing existence (the Dao). These approaches also serve as a preparation to follow the path of Dzogchen, as they release deep blockages within us and strengthen our trust in the Dao.

For those who want to follow the path of Living Dao, the practices Dalibai (bows), Qidao (prayer) and Anxi (staying in inner peace) are part of daily life, like brushing teeth. Through these three practices the Dao can take more space in our everyday life. But by doing these three practices one cannot awaken. Enlightenment cannot be practiced.

With these three practices we express our bond to the Dao and live it every day. The combination of these three practices creates a force that permanently pushes us, in everyday life, out of the ego – into the Dao.

The three daily practices of Living Dao are:

  • Dalibai (bows, prostrations),
  • Qidao (prayer),
  • Anxi (rest)

There are three important movements in us humans: mental, linguistic and physical activity. The three practices work on those three levels:

With the Dalibai (bows) we give our body, our whole being to the Dao. We exchange our normal life for a life in Dao.

With prayer (Qidao) we show our orientation towards the Dao verbally, and open our heart to the Dao and its vitality.

With Anxi (resting in inner peace) we turn our spiritual orientation towards the Dao. We let our mind and heart enter completely into the vitality of the Dao. The moment this happens, the ego completely pauses – and only then can the Dao take effect.

It is important to practice Dalibai, Qidao and Anxi together, in the right order and regularly. In this way we express our devotion and connection to the Dao.

Other practices, such as chanting mantras, Daoist healing and the Dao Natural Movements support us on the way of Living Dao, as they dissolve our ego structures and unfold the qualities of Dao that are within us. Mantras, such as the Amitabha Mantra, help us to open our heart more deeply. – A pure and open heart is one of the basic prerequisites for awakening.

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